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The Hong Kong Pigua Tongbei Quan society was founded in 2017 by Yeung Yat Fan and Raymond Chan in 2017, and is the only school in Hong Kong to teach Traditional Zuo Family Pigua Tongbei Quan as a complete system.


  • Taking 1 Gold & 2 Silvers at the 2019 DaQiang Invitational Tournament Hong Kong
  • Taking Gold in the Short Weapons category at the 2018 HK Baji Association Weapons Competition
Photo of Yeung Sifu with Grandmaster Zuo Demin, 7th generation descendant of Zuo Baomei founder of Pigua Tongbei Quan.

About Yeung Yat Fan Sifu

How long have you studied Tongbei Pigua Quan?

Since 2006 I have been studying TPQ (Tongbei Pigua Quan) from Zuk Sifu who came to Hong Kong from Beijing in the 90s. His master of TPQ was Master Zuo Demin ( 左德民) who was the 7th generation direct lineage from the found Zuo Baomei (左寶梅).

Zuk Sifu is a well known Baji practitioner in Hong Kong but few people know that he is also an advanced TPQ practioner also. The reason being that historically in Cangzhou (滄州) many Kung Fu practioners trained Bajiquan and Tongbei Pigua Quan together as both trainings complemented each other’s kung fu systems. In my case, my primary martial art is TPQ and I regard Baji as a complementary system to my style.

What other styles have you learnt? And for how long?

I began learning martial arts when I was 7 years old, first taking up Judo for almost 2 years. Then in my highschool years I moved to Sweden, and took up Southern Mantis under the tuition of Chiu Sifu for 2 years. 

 I returned to Hong Kong in 1996 after completing my Bachelors in Educational Psycology and became a high school teacher.  It was also around this time that I began to pursue seriously my martial arts path. 

I have now over 15 years in Traditional Wu Tai Chi from Chan Sifu, and TPQ from Zuk Sifu.


2011 Shanxi, China National Traditional Kung Fu Competition:

Miao Dao, Swords & Sabres – Gold Medalist

Tongbei Quan – Silver Medalist   


Arms outstreched like the eagles wings,

Footsteps advancing with the majesty of apes