The beauty of the Zuo family system is that no matter where you start your studies all your knowledge is transferable and informs each other. The key question to ask yourself is: What do you want to learn?

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Single Class – $180
Four Credits [40 Days] – $600
Eight Credits [40 Days] – $800
Unlimited Credits [40 Days]  – $1000
For more information and private or corporate classes contact at us at +852 6377 5322.

Weekly schedule

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How long is one class?

Every class is roughly between 1.5 hours and 2 hours in legnth. We start with a 15 minute warm up and finish with a 10 minute cool down. We focus on the quality of the class, not just the time. So sometimes we may run longer if the session is going well, we’re flexible like that.

What should I wear for Kung Fu?

Loose fitting sports clothes, long sleeves are recommended but you can wear short sleeve too. Jeans or restrictive clothes are not recommended.

I want to attend the Wednesday weapon class but I'm only free on the Weekends, what can I do?

Get in touch with us either on Facebook, Instagram or give us a call. We can organise a session on Sunday if you let us know in advance.

I'm a serious learner and I want to learn as fast as possible, how many classes a week should I take?

We recommend 3 classes a week for the serious learner. 1 class a week allows for input and revision, 2 classes a week allows for consolidation of what has been learn and 3 classes a week really allows you and Sifu to nip bad habits or mistakes at early stages of learning

If I attend more than 1 class a week how many credits is that?

One credit per class